Tortured Coyote Pup On The Mend

Abused Coyote Pup on the Road to Recovery

SOLVANG, Calif. - A coyote pup found weeks ago, barely alive with a broken jaw and tethered to a pole with radio wire in a Santa Maria backyard, is making a good recovery

Julia DiSieno and volunteers are the Animal Rescue Team in Solvang are nursing the four month old wild dog back to health.

"It's been one week today since her surgery," said DiSieno. "They removed two fractured baby teeth that were shattered and they removed a piece of dead bone and then put the lower mandible bone back .. stitched it up .. put a tape muzzle around her neck and snout which allows her to open her mouth .. so she can eat ground meat."

The cruel discovery made headlines in dozens of news outlets.

.     after surgery for a broken jaw and other problems, the coyote is on the mend.
.     staffers at the animal rescue team in solvang say the 4-month old pup weighs 11-pounds ..
.     half of what she should... but she's getting there.
<she's doing a pretty good job drinking and eating.. 2-weeks.. Re-examine her
     julia disieno with animal rescue team says it will take weeks to determine if the coyote will be able to be released back into the wild.
.     if not, she will likely be moved to a wildlife center in bakersfield.

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