Tornado warning brings hail, powerful winds to Lompoc Valley

Weather event hits VAFB, Vandenberg Village

Tornado warning brings hail, powerful...

VANDENBERG VILLAGE, Calif. - The unusual weather event caught many by surprise and made for a morning to remember.

Hail came down so hard and fast it collected on Highway 1 near the intersection with Santa Lucia Canyon Road.

The dangerously slick conditions sent two vehicles flying off the side of the highway and down into a canyon below just before 6:00 am.

"Both of them went over the side, the Cadillac went over the side first and as she (driver) was calling 911 the truck came in and rolled over the top of her", says CHP Officer Kurt Schmidt, "fortunately all the occupants of the vehicles were properly restrained, they had minor injuries, nobody was transported from the scene."

The Robert family captured the marble-sized hail stones falling outside their front door of their Vandenberg Village home on cell phone video.

"All of a sudden we hear a big rumble, and we're like, what is that?", Lisa Robert says, "it was the tornado or whatever it was and then we checked it out and there was hail coming down real hard and it was pretty exciting."

"It was like a train coming up the fairway here", says Village Country Club resident Bonnie McClain who lives along the 5th fairway of the golf course, "the roof felt like it was being sucked up and the windows, I'm amazed there's no broken windows, but the walls just went in and out."

It was a wild and wacky start to the day that few will soon forget.

"It just got real windy and then all of the sudden it started slamming the windows and everybody got up and looked outside and it was like, holy cow!", adds Vandenberg Village resident Lara Schmeizer.

In addition to the hail storm and powerful winds, there were also reports of lightning in the area this morning.

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