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Naval Base Ventura County welcomes public onto base for Point Mugu Surf Contest

Fans watch surf competition for free

Naval Base Ventura County welcomed...

VENTURA COUNTY, Calif. - One weekend a year civilians are welcomed through the gates of Naval Base Ventura County to go the beach and check out the surf..

August 19 and 20th was that weekend.

NBVC hosted the 2017 Point Mugu Surf Contest.

Pro surfers consider it a treat.

Skip Mccullough said,  "A guy like me a regular civilian isn't allowed to come on to the base ever. Me and my dad come up for every contest. It is the our only opportunity to surf on the base and it is the best waves."

The Point Mugu Surf Contest was put on hold during federal spending cuts back in 2012, but it returned last year.

"This contest is put on by the Navy base and it honestly is it a great opportunity to come out here because you can't any ordinary casual day," said pro surfer Micky Clarke.

Admission was free, but money raised at the event helps fund programs for military families.

Organizers said the contest lets taxpayers see the environmentally sensitive wetlands and beaches the base protects.

Mathew Musser works for the community recreation division at the base.

"It is a lot of blood sweat and tears coordinating on base letting people come on. I love when they can come out and especially when there are waves," said Musser.

The contest has a pro division and open divisions for men. women and kids.

There's also a division just for enlisted men and women.

Before the finals on Sunday,  a pod of dolphins stole the show.


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