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Lompoc Facebook group collecting donations for fallen Airman's wife

Lompoc Facebook group collecting donations for fallen Airman's wife

LOMPOC, Calif. - When a 24-year-old Airman was killed in an odd accident outside Vandenberg Air Force Base on February 19th, he left behind a wife and unborn son. 

A Lompoc based Facebook group stepped up to help a woman they’ve never met. 

If you’ve seen painted rocks around Lompoc, they likely came from the Facebook group Lompoc Rocks!!

It’s something we have in common, it might brighten their day if they find a rock,” said Lori Hopkins, Lompoc Rocks!! group member. 

Hopkins is one of over 7,000 members and the group encourages random acts of kindness by sharing little pieces of artwork.

“I like to make sad people happy,” said Hopkins. 

When the group found out that an Airman was struck by a bus and killed just outside Vandenberg Air Force Base last month, they wanted to share more than their art. 

“I just read that he had a pregnant wife and they were expecting their first baby, it just got me,” said Yvette Ledesma, Lompoc Rocks!! Administrator. 

The tragedy hits close to home for Ledesma. 

“I know her pain I’ve been there before.  My older two kids, their father died in a car accident and they were little so I can only imagine what she’s going through,” said Ledesma. 

The group’s admin started collecting donations, so she could throw Airman First Class Tyler Leidholdt’s widow a virtual baby shower. 

“Diapers, wipes, hygiene, outfits,” said Ledesma, explaining some of the items she’s collected. 

The Lompoc mother says she didn’t want to be another person just saying ‘I’m sorry.’  Mrs. Leidholdt is said to be eight months pregnant. 

“I know she still needs a rocker, a rocking chair and a changing table,” said Ledesma. 

Lompoc Rocks!! will be collecting donations through Friday, March 9th.  They plan to deliver the items to the Airman’s wife next weekend.

If you’d like to help, you can connect with Ledesma through Lompoc Rocks!! on Facebook or you can call her at 805-317-3544.

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