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District Attorney well aware of Amber alert case as it unfolded

District Attorney talks about deadly...

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Santa Barbara County District Attorney Joyce Dudley said she was one of the first people to learn Daniel Morozov was okay after his father was fatally shot in Encino on Wednesday night.

Dudley had been in touch with staff members and law enforcement since the boy's mother Natalia Morozova was found shot to death in Santa Maria on Tuesday night.

The DA said her office is involved on many levels.

She knew when the Amber alert search headed to Los Angeles.

"They were requesting different documents, I knew when he was shot, I knew where the child was and that he was safe and of course that was the best feeling in the world to know that child was safe," said Dudley.

For the safety and privacy of the child she chose not to say whether he was still in protective custody.

Dudley said there were a "zillion questions" she can't answer, but she wants the public to know friends of the boy's mother have reached out.

They are looking at it as a domestic violence case.

Dudley has domestic violence specialists working in different parts of the county.

She said they are trained to help officers collect the evidence that may be needed from crime scenes and hospitals.

Deputy District Attorney Hannah Lucy said it is okay to be nosey and to call 911.

When it comes to domestic violence, "We have a responsibility to call and report it and understand the signs," said Lucy.

She said signs of domestic violence are not just physical.

Victim may also be belittled, threatened, intimidated or isolated from their support system. 

"As a domestic violence prosecutor I look at-- are drugs and alcohol in the house, is there a gun in the house, has victim previously been strangled," said Lucy.

Dudley said as soon as she hears a woman has been murdered she find out if domestic violence played a role.

She said if it's predictable, it's preventable.

That's why it is important to be aware of misdemeanors and felony records.

On a brighter note, Dudley said Daniel Morozov, 9, may soon be reunited with the family cat.

The Santa Maria Valley Humane Society is caring for his cat and is working on a reunion.


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