The first rain of the season caused oils on the road to come to the surface making it a slippery drive.

The Santa Barbara County Fire Department offers these tips, which will keep you and your passengers safe while driving on wet roads.

• Routinely check your tires. Check the tires' tread depth, and for proper inflation.
• Slow down. As rain falls, it mixes with grime and oil on the road, creating slick conditions.
• Know how to recover from a skid. Remember not to slam on the brakes. Apply firm, steady pressure to the brakes and steer the car in the direction of the skid.
• Keep your distance from the car ahead. It takes about three times longer to break on wet roads than on dry roads.
• Turn on your headlights on. Not only do they help you see the road, but they'll help other drivers see you.
• First rains make the road very slippery. First rains make the roads the most difficult to drive on, as the mud and oil combines with the water and forms a rather slippery layer.
• Dry your brakes after driving through standing water.  If you have driven through standing water, apply the brakes lightly for a short time to dry them.
• Make sure that your wipers are in good condition and functioning properly. California law requires that if you have your wipers on, your vehicle's headlights must also be on.