Besides, Holland said his 20 person staff records up to 160,000 documents a year, not including marriage, birth and death certificates. He said they wouldn't have time to scrutinize every signature and notary.

Read and Jones refuse to accept that.  They are convinced the time for sympathy and lip service has passed.

"Oh yes, we understand. Oh yes, our sympathies go out to you. Well, on sympathies. What is your duty and where are you in this? You're not doing your job and you're getting paid. No, we're not going to do that anymore," said Read with conviction in her voice.

Read is suing some county officials in federal court alleging they've violated RICO laws.

Although the D.A's office disagrees with the group's report, Kelly Scott said both sides have one important thing in common,  they both want to stop real estate fraud.

Scott said her team has prosecuted dozens of real estate fraud cases and they will continue to do so.