"The bottom line is, these city reports in the hands of the city is the letter of the law. In the hands of the buyer or seller is a worthless, meaningless document. There in lies the problem," said Epstein.

Childress has paid more than $50,000 in repairs so far, money, she said she didn't have.

"Something has to be done. the city has got to rectify this situation.," said Childress.

The question is, how to do that?

Mayor Helene Scheider said the council will get an update from all sides in the next few months.

Vining Construction and Jarret Gorin of Vanguard Planning agreed not to be paid until the deal closed because they knew what Anne Childress was going through. Even the buyers, who lost about $10,000, hung in there to the very end.

We learned that city inspectors finally signed off on the house and Childress hopes to close the sale by this Friday.