Thousands attend March for Justice in Ventura

Justice for All event fills park and sidewalks

Justice For All March in Ventura

VENTURA, Calif. - Organizers were thrilled when they saw about 3,000 people turn out for Saturday's March For Justice, Justice for All event in Ventura.

The gathering that began in Plaza Park was similar to women's marches from coast to coast but guest speakers talked about local issues.

Sarah May Wilson talked about the fight against another NRG power plant proposal in Oxnard and racist photographs created and posted on social media by Buena High School athletes as a joke.

Many people including Teri Roth wore pink knit caps they call "pussy hats."

The hats were worn nationwide making some marches look like a sea of pink in aerial photographs.

Matt Shuey came to the march with his family and said he was upset by a women who called his family "wetbacks," and told them to go back to Mexico while they walked on Ventura's promenade in the morning.   

His friends said they marched to fight racism and hate.


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