Thieves target LensCrafters in Santa Barbara

La Cumbre Plaza eyeglass business open

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A rare break-in at the LensCrafters business in the La Cumbre Plaza in Santa Barbara.

Employees at neighboring businesses tell NewsChannel 3 that someone broke into the eyeglass business early Wednesday morning. Santa Barbara police officers were spotted investigating the pre-dawn crime scene.

NewsChannel 3 is waiting for more information from the police department.

A NewsChannel 3 crew reached out to local LensCrafters employees, however, they would not comment or reveal what thieves were after. There was no visible sign of a break-in.

According to the online website, insidesocal, thieves made off with $55,000 dollars in glasses in two similar break-ins about 5 years ago; one in Whittier, the other in Anaheim.

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