Teen captures shark video off of Santa Claus Beach

Drone video captures a Great White...

CARPINTERIA, Calif. - Drone video shows a Great White Shark swimming off of Santa Claus Beach in Carpinteria. 

Tyler Martindale never thought he would find this.

He says the shark was about 200 meters south of Santa Claus Beach.

"I was so happy, I had one friend with me and I was like I found it, I found the shark," he says. 

He got his drone about three months ago. He says it took him a few days to learn how to fly it. 

It captured video of the shark swimming back and forth on Saturday morning. 

It's a find Martindale has been looking to get for a long time. 

"It wasn't little but, in the big scheme of things it was a speck in the ocean," he adds. 

He describes the Great White as being 10 feet long. 

"I was flying and I've seen lots of kelp but, once I saw it move I was pretty stocked," he says. 

He says while it looked fairly far away it was still close enough to swim closer to the shore. 

"It's always in the back of my brain that sharks are out there but to see one was a little off setting," he says. 

It was off setting for Martindale but, not for Daniel Bertucelli.

"It's their world and it's important for us to recognize that and recognize that every time we go into the ocean we are entering their world," says Bertucelli.  

There's a reason he's not telling his kids about sharks being in the water.    

"It's important that kids are not afraid of the ocean and view the ocean as a place where they can share with all of the animals," he adds, 

Martindale says he will always keep this experience in mind. 

"I think it will stick in my mind for the next time I go to the beach," he says. 

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