Teachers-in-training worry after recent school shootings

Teachers in Training Worry About Safety

CAMARILLO, Calif. - Just this week police responded to Fremont Academy in Oxnard because of threatening messages between students.

On Friday, officers patrolled Westlake High School in Thousand Oaks where threatening graffiti was found in a bathroom.

Assistant Psychology Professor at California State University Channel Islands, Melissa Soenke says she has seen this activity affect her students training to become classroom teachers.

Since the mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida, copycat threats are popping up locally and across the country.

“I notice their behavior in the classroom that they are very vigilant about what is going on around them in the hallways maybe noises that are unusual,” says Soenke.

CSU Channel Island education student Ryan Farrell has dreams of becoming a teacher, but can’t believe he one day, may have to carry a gun on him at school.

“All of the sudden now I am going into a field or career where my life can be put at risk,” said Farrell. “You think this isn’t going to happen to us and I’m sure the Florida shooting students and the teachers thought this will never happen to their schools.”

Other students who also want to become teachers, like Don Rojo, are still trying to cope with the mass tragedy.

“It’s really scary, especially because I want to become a teacher, it’s definitely kind of devastating,” said Rojo.

Soenke says there are ways to cope with anxiety after a mass shooting.

“What I would encourage is, even a perception of control-ability can be really comforting and so even if we cant control whether or not we are a victim of a mass shooting we can do things to give us a feeling that we do have control,” she said.

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