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Changes in the tax code put a greater burden on those in the higher income tax brackets.

Experts say the tax code is becoming more complex.

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - As the Monday, April 15 federal and state income tax deadline approaches the heat is on for taxpayers to file. Area certified public accountants and tax preparers say those in the higher income tax brackets face a heavier tax burden than in years past due to changes in the tax code.  They add that those in the higher brackets are paying more taxes unless they're taking mortgage interest deductions. Also for

California state taxpayers  if your tax liability is $80,000 or more the state needs its money and now by law requires those with that tax liability  to file online. Experts say that's the fastest way for the cash-strapped state to fill its coffers.

In the meantime as the profession heats up during tax time some tax experts say the tax preparation business is a good business to go into - there's always a tax season because there's always taxes to pay and someone is needed to compute them.

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