Storm clean up underway in Arroyo Grande

Crews clearing massive trees, broken power lines

ARROYO GRANDE, Calif. - Tree trimmers and emergency crews are hard at work across the Five Cities cleaning up after Friday's storms tore across the Central Coast. 

"I heard what I thought sounded like a car wreck or something, it was a loud noise," says Nick Leyendecker, referring to when he heard a 100-foot talle Eucalyptus tree fall right in the middle of the street during Friday's storms. "This is one of the hardest storms to hit the area in years."

PG&E crews are also working across the Five Cities to restore power to areas that lost it during the storm. 

"Definitely the most damage I've ever seen," says Stephanie Sisemore, who has lived in Arroyo Grande for seven years. 

Drivers should avoid The Pike and Elm Street for the next few days as clean up efforts continue. 

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