In several locations around Santa Maria field workers are flying the Mexican flag, and it's raised some questions.

KCOY received several phone calls and e-mails from viewers, some saying they're angry that the Mexican flags being up, and others wondering why.

We spoke with many people in Santa Maria on Wednesday who told us it isn't a problem and field workers tell us it’s about world cup pride.

The Mexican flag waves high over some fields in Santa Maria, and on one field it waves side by side with the American flag.

Edgar Gomez, who works in the strawberry fields, said, “The United States flag shows we're in the US and we have pride and the Mexican flag [is there] because most of the people working here are Hispanic."

Many tune in to the world cup, listening to the game on radio while working. Some field workers put up flags even before the games started.

Felipe Cruz Diaz, a Santa Maria student, said flag had a similar message for many.

"For me personally I think the flags are there for support, support their nationality," Diaz said.

Donna Brown, a Santa Maria resident, she has no problem with the flags.

Brown said, "The flags are out there demonstrating racial pride without disrespecting anybody else’s race. They’re not setting flags on fire they’re just saying hey I’m Mexican I’m proud, it's the same thing as me saying hey I’m Jewish I’m proud or I’m from Alabama I’m proud."

The message to those who are concerned, Gomez said "I think that everybody should be equal, everybody has the right to say whatever they want to say and that's what makes this country great."

After getting several phone calls and emails complaining about the display of Mexican flags we posed the question on our Facebook page to
get the opinion of viewers. We saw overwhelming support for those who are flying the Mexican flag while working in the fields.