SOLVANG, Calif. - "This park is the crown jewel of Solvang," says Jim Richardson, Solvang Mayor.

He says Solvang Park is a jewel that some people want to see come back to life.

The drought and the every day wear and tear has taken a toll on the park.

"It's gotten a little dusty and dirty because of the drought we have reduced the watering schedule," he says.

On Monday, the Solvang City Council unanimously decided it was time the park got a facelift and became more drought tolerant.

"The council decided to replace the entire lawn and fixing the landscape in the park to a bring it back to its former glory," says Mayor Richardson.

It's a park that both locals and tourists use alike.

"I think that it would be a great idea because right now they are just watering dirt and it doesn't look good," says Stephen Barkley.

City officials hope to start work on the park in the fall or early winter.

"Sure every little bit adds up, there is no telling when we are going to run out of water, but, at some point we might run out of water," says Barkley.

City leaders estimate the repairs will cost about $40,000-50,000. They say they are ready to see the park come back to its full glory.

"We contract with the county sheriff with the policing and we anticipated a larger bill and so we have a surplus in that money," says the Mayor.