Solvang kidnapping suspect forces victim to marry him in exchange for phone call

Authorities have since annulled the marriage

New details emerge in Lompoc...

SOLVANG, Calif. - Paris's daughter Melissa Villabla told KCOY 12 over the phone Wednesday that her mom and Joseph Hetzel were never boyfriend girlfriend - they only casually dated for two or three months but Hetzel became obsessed.

She said he showed up to her work multiple times and seemed very 'pushy' in the days leading up to the kidnapping. Officials released surveillance video right before she was rescued at the Railroad Pass Hotel and Casino.

The hotel clerk in the surveillance video says at first she thought it was a joke when Lompoc resident Virginia Paris told her she was kidnapped--then reality set in.

"I pretty much did what she told me to do. You know, she told me to get a hold of the police--like right now," Danielle the clerk said. 

Casino police appeared, nonchalantly escorting Virginia to a safe room. Watching from outside the hotel was Hetzel.

Surveillance video shows him going up and monitoring from outside the glass. "He was actually looking into the glass here and when he realized that she had been shepherded off of the floor here, he took off," a member of the hotel staff said.  

Paris's daughter Melissa Villable says the hotel clerk wasn't the first person her mother asked for help.

In fact, Villabla said Virginia asked a number of people for help along the way but was ignored. She said they're saddened more people didn't take Paris's pleas more seriously. 

What's more shocking, Villabla said Hetzel forced her mom into marrying him in exchange for allowing her to call her children Monday night. That call helped police track her down to Henderson, Nevada.

She said detectives have annulled that marriage and her mom is now with her in Nevada recovering. 

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