SLO PD and Cal Poly working together to create a safe St. Patrick's Day weekend

Safety Enhancement Zone begins Saturday

SLO PD and Cal Poly working together to create a safe St. Patrick's Day weekend

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - The era of the massive St. Patrick's Day parties at Cal Poly could be coming to an end.

Back in 2015, a roof collapsed during a St. Patrick's Day party near campus - injuring 10 people.

Students we spoke to say celebrating the holiday hasn't been the same since. "The reputation for St. Fratty's day has been going down over the years and the school has been cracking down on everything that's been happening," said Sierra Ramer.

In fact, the Dean of Students and several student lead groups sent out an email to members of the Greek community saying in part: "We feel that it is our responsibility to lead by positive example in hopes that our fellow students will follow our approach to how this holiday, and future holidays should be celebrated. Because of this, no St. Patrick's Day festivities will take place the weekend of March 9-11."

Students that are going out say the parties that are still happening this weekend have become more exclusive and harder to get into.

"So a lot of the parties you have to have a wristband or be on the list to kind of confine the party and keep it from getting too wild and crazy," explained Julia Allen.

The San Luis Obispo Police Department plans on keeping a watchful eye on it all.

They say they're over staffing as well as teaming up with Cal Poly P.D. for what they're calling a "Safety Enhancement Zone."

"Fines are doubled for parties, noise control, dangerous or deadly weapons, urinating in public open containers and minor in possessions. So be aware that fines are more extensive because it is a Safety Enhancement Zone," said Sgt. Jeff Booth.

Some of the doubled fines could cost offenders up to a thousand dollars.

This is all in effort to help keep the community safe and prevent another major accident like this from happening.

The Enforcement Zone with the double fines goes from 12:01 am Saturday through 7 A.M. Sunday.

After that, the Greek community will be participating in a neighborhood cleanup in the areas surrounding the campus, in order to make the least amount of impact in the community during a notoriously crazy party weekend.

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