SLO County rallies to help homeless find jobs, homes and medical care

2nd annual M.A.S.H event

PASO ROBLES, Calif. - 38 service providers rallied to help homeless people find jobs, homes and healthcare in San Luis Obispo County today. 

Mobile Assistance Services for the Homeless, or M.A.S.H., held the event at the Fairgrounds in Paso Robles this afternoon.

They served lunch and had many service providers who assisted the homeless with their needs - helping with many things including dog vaccines, flu shots, haircuts, veteran paperwork, Cen-cal, DMV and job placement.

"I'm currently homeless, I'm 57-years-old," homeless SLO resident Craig Rogneby said.

But Marine Corps veteran Craig Rogneby wasn't always homeless.

"College educated," Rogneby said.

He had a family and a steady job until just a couple years ago.

"As an accountant.. so I started off with a CPA firm," Rogneby said.

His lifestyle outside of work eventually caught up with him.

"I partied like a rockstar..but I had to be at work at 6 in the morning," Rogneby said.

Now, Rogneby is trying to turn it all around.

"I've done meth.. meth for a lot of people out there, it just kills the pain, it kills the pain in the brain.. and it's killed the pain in my brain," Rogneby said.

This is their second year putting on this one-stop-shop.

"We had one gentleman at the event last year tell us that he got more done in one day than he had in a year," Laurel Weir with SLO County Homeless Services said.

Last year they had about 80 homeless people attend. This year they provided transportation so more could come. They had over 100 homeless people there today.

It's estimated that there's over 1500 homeless people in SLO County. 

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