SLO county emergency and social services prepare for heavy rain

SLO Co Rain Preps

SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY, Calif. - Emergency fire crews and social services are preparing for a busy 24 hours as rain begins to hit the central coast.

The Prado Day Center at 43 Prado Road in San Luis Obispo will be open Monday night to anyone looking for a place to spend the night. 

"Just knowing there is a place that's dry and warm where you can get a hot meal is a feeling of security for a lot of people," says Grace McIntosh, a deputy director of CAPSLO, the organization that helps run warming centers across the county. "People have a safe place to be when the rain comes, or it gets really cold."

In Arroyo Grande, Five Cities Fire Chief Steve Lieberman says they are operating at normal staffing levels. 

"We're just kind of waiting and seeing and keeping an eye on those certain spots once the rain comes. There's those three or four places we know are prone to coastal flooding, so if the rain starts coming down in significant volume we'll def be driving and visiting those areas overnight."

That includes low-lying sections of Oceano, and the banks of the Arroyo Grande Creek. Fire chiefs from across San Luis Obispo county are preparing to send strike teams to Santa Barbara County if flooding gets serious.

"With our master mutual aid agreements and looking at the evacuation orders and warnings in Santa Barbara county, there is always a potential for us to send some strike teams should the flooding and mudslides become an issue."

The weather is keeping road crews off the streets. 

A project on State Route 46 southwest of Atascadero will be put on hold until later this week. 

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