Shock over SLO County Supervisor's comments leads to drafting new code of conduct

Supervisor Adam Hill sent vulgar message Sunday

Shock over SLO County Supervisors...

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - ​Pismo Beach resident Mark Burnes says he's shocked at the reaction he got from Supervisor Adam Hill after he published this letter in the SLO Tribune. 

"In this letter that had five paragraphs there was one sentence that had anything at all to do with Adam Hill - that sentence read: I agree with most of her points and despite being a friend and supporter of Adam's for many years, I too am disappointed by some of his antics and attitude," Burnes explained. 

But Hill fired back, writing Burnes a series of Facebook messages that said in part quote: "Thanks but no thanks for your stupid letter."  Later writing: "F*** off... All talk no balls."

Burnes read the messages to the SLO County Board of Supervisors Tuesday in hopes of starting a dialogue on what's acceptable for public officials to say to their constituents.

"Without decorum, you have chaos. Without decorum. there's no respect for other members of the board for which he continually shows contempt," Burnes said. 

Burnes says he's been contacted by several other people who have had similar experiences with the supervisor. 

On Tuesday, the supervisors voted to draft a code of conduct for interacting with the public. Hill was not there at the meeting because he wasn't feeling well. 

Burnes is now hoping the county may consider a recall. He says it's the only way to oust an elected official.

"That recall sends a great big public message to any other public official who thinks they want to off the rail, think twice cause we the people do have options and we will use them if pushed to that point," Burnes said.

Hill has since apologized to Burnes for these messages. We reached out to Hill and his staff Wednesday afternoon but did not get a reply. 

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