Sheriff's Department Increases Patrols in Isla Vista

Law Enforcement Prepares for New School Year

POSTED: 05:07 AM PST Dec 24, 2013    UPDATED: 09:07 PM PDT Sep 22, 2013 

With the start of UCSB's Fall Quarter just days away, students continue to converge on Isla Vista and Goleta for the start of the school year. But are parents concerned about leaving their kids at the university that was recently ranked the 2nd biggest party school in the nation by the Princeton review?

With over 17,000 people living in 6/10ths of a square mile, Isla Vista  has become known for its party atmosphere.

Gaspar Ramirez has a daughter who will be starting her freshman year at UCSB. He said "It's safe, its a great community. I really like the environment."

Law enforcement has worked closely with the University to try to make things as safe as possible for students. Kelly Hoover of the Sheriff's Department told NewsChannel 3 that 8 additional deputies will patrol Isla Vista on Friday and Saturday nights.

Sophomore Sarah Pena said "You just have to be safe, I use the buddy system, but you just can't be alone at night."

Freshman year of college is often the first time that students have been away from home, but most parents feel confident knowing UCSB's strong academic reputation.

Laura Carlson, who has a daughter who will be starting her freshman year at UCSB, said "UCSB is such a great school, such a great location, we aren't worried