Shelter Volunteer Mourns Dog Killed By Other Dogs

Shelter: Employee accidentally left shelter gate open

Shelter Volunteer Mourns Dog Killed By Other Dogs

GOLETA, Calif. - Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter is reviewing its procedures after an employee accidentally left a shelter gate open. On Thursday several dogs slipped out of the gate and killed a dog in quarantine pending an appeal in a dangerous dog hearing.

Brian Szal said his boxer pit bull-mix Kitti was killed before he had a chance to win her freedom. Public health officers called it a "tragic mistake."

Szal said he often fostered pets in need of homes with Kitti by his side.

Last month Kitti was accused of causing the death of a small dog when both dogs were off leashes outdoors.

Szal said an ordinance doesn't give dogs a second chance.

A petition drive may change that.  If it gets 2,000 signatures, Santa Barbara County Supervisors are likely to consider changing the wording of the ordinance.

Public health officers said the dogs involved could be euthanized, but are still at the shelter in Goleta.

Szal said he hopes his loss inspires change.

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