Shark spotted at Haskell's Beach in Goleta

Mother and child spot the fin of a...

GOLETA, Calif. - Santa Barbara Waterfront officials said a shark was spotted swimming near Haskell’s Beach Thursday.

This beach is next to the Bacara Resort in Goleta. A mother and son saw the shark around noon swimming towards the Ellwood Pier.

The shark was approximately 200-300 yards off the shoreline.

Witnesses said they saw a one foot tall black triangular shaped fin bobbing up and down for about twenty minutes.

The body of the shark was not identifiable. Sharks behavior was not aggressive.

Parents said they watch their children closely.

Heather Shea said her husband thinks the increase in sightings may be due to Go Pros and Drones.

Thursday's fin sightings were spotted from shore without any photography.

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