Several packages stolen from Orcutt neighborhood

Packages stolen from Orcutt home

ORCUTT, Calif. - The packages left on David Swenk's front door step have recently been a target for thieves. 

He says during the past two weeks he has come home expecting to find a package and instead finds nothing. 

"It seems like it's been happening every Christmas more frequently," he says. 

This isn't the first time he has had the problem and he isn't the only one. 

He says other people in his Foxenwood neighborhood in Orcutt have had similar complaints. 

"I told them maybe you can put it here behind the shrub," he says about what he requests from companies when they deliver packages. 

He hopes by doing this thieves won't see them. 

"It's horrible because here is a gift from family and the people that present is going to aren't going to get it because of some selfish people," he says. 

People waiting to get packages by mail have a few options. The Post Office says they can hold their packages for someone to pick up. Another option is people can request a notice be left in their mailbox letting someone know an attempt was made to drop off the package while no one was home. 

"This is getting worse and worse, I am starting to have packages delivered to my work," he says. 

Swenk says his family is trying to take turns being home to make sure this stops happening. He is also asking his neighbors to look out for one another. 

"We need to be more aware of in our community people should be aware around their home we all know each other," he says. 


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