Scavenger hunt underway to help local small businesses

Prizes up to $500. for correct answers

A scavenger hunt with a game card is underway locally to help small businesses. (John Palminteri/

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A scavenger hunt is underway to help small businesses in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties.

Montecito Bank & Trust put together  a game card for anyone, not just customers, to pick up and play along with.

Inside are questions and if you figure them out, they direct you to a business where you get a stamp on that line.

For every three of the 18 slots you get right,  you are eligible to win a $500. gift card to one of the businesses plus a kayak trip for two.   There are several other prizes as well. 

The main focus is to help small businesses during May, which has been declared small business month.

The businesses that are featured in the quiz questions are in communities including Westlake, Ventura, Santa Barbara , Goleta, Montecito  and Solvang.

"This is across our geography so every single community has been touched in some way either by a fire or a flood so we thought this was a great way to highlight those businesses who have helped - always - to drive our local economy. That has made such a big difference," said Montecito Bank & Trust Chief Operating Officer George Leis.

The contest goes until the end of the month.

Game cards are available in each branch and they must be returned there as well.

A special table display with cards and information is currently set up in the lobby at  the main branch at 1000 State Street in Santa Barbara.

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