Santa Maria's Toys "R" Us to remain open despite nationwide closures

Over 150 stores to close

Santa Maria s Toys R Us to remain...

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - It's a closure that's hard for some families to think about.

"It's actually quite heartbreaking to hear because there's not many stores that are structured for children anymore, everything is via internet," said shopper Brenda Robbins.

On Friday, Toys "R" Us released a list of stores that will be closing their doors for good - some reports say as soon as next week.

It's no secret that online shopping has made it difficult for toy stores to stay in business but some shoppers say Toys "R" Us offers something the internet can't.

"You can buy anything on the internet but you can't physically walk into a store, look at items for children and see the smiles on their faces when they see something that they would actually like to have," Robbins said.

"[My daughters] have their chore money [with them]. They've been working pretty hard and all they want to do is buy their own toys and not do it online," said shopper Preston Vogt.

While Toys "R" Us's website says they're just doing a financial restructuring after filing for bankruptcy last year, some analysts say it's likely they'll be closing all 800 of their stores.

Shopper Brenda Robbins hopes Toys "R" Us will think about all of the kids, telling us: "If anybody would listen and take it to heart - this is all about the kids. It's a near and dear store."

It's still unclear when these closures will happen and if the list will grow. For now, everything here is status quo.

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