Santa Maria Police Department honors fallen officers during annual memorial ceremony

Six CA officers were killed on duty in 2017

Santa Maria Police Department honors fallen officers during annual memorial ceremony

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - On Wednesday six California Peace Officers were honored for their service, outside of the Santa Maria Police Department.

"Today is a very important day and causes us to stop and reflect and be thankful for the sacrifices made by law enforcement across the country and within this state," said Santa Barbara County Sheriff, Bill Brown. 

In the nearly hour long ceremony, keynote speaker Commander Marc Schneider from the Santa Maria Police Department took a moment to describe the balancing act that goes into being an officer.

"I believe that law enforcement officers are drawn to their calling out of a willingness to protect and serve their community. This same willingness often exposes them to heartache, loss and violence, but they're expected to be efficient yet compassionate, sympathetic yet impartial," Schneider said. 

Pictures of all six officers were displayed on stage, each ceremoniously given a Lilly 

"They are true public servants in that they rush into situations that all of us run away from because they're willing to do their job with integrity and ethics every day. They are the people that keep us safe," said Santa Barbara County District Attorney, Joyce Dudley. 

As part of National Police Week, these members of law enforcement hope the community reflects on all that they do.

"Each officer realizes when they come into work and prepare for their shift that they may have to sacrifice their lives for another - but that's the responsibility that we take on. We don't always perform the tasks to the ideal but our intentions are always good and we hope to serve and protect this community," said Lt. Russ Mengel of the Santa Maria Police Department. 

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