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US testing missile defense system from Vandenberg

The test is expected to happen in May

VANDENBERG AFB, Calif. - Vandenberg Air Force Base will be one of two sites where the US will test their ability to potentially shoot down enemy missiles. 

Recent North Korean missile tests have prompted the US to test their defense missiles, according to a CNN report. However, a spokesperson for the US Army's Missile Defense Agency (MDA) said the test from Vandenberg Air Force Base was already planned and has nothing to do with North Korea.

The test is expected to happen in May.

The test missile out Vandenberg Air Force Base will attempt to take down a simulated missile over the Pacific Ocean that will be launched from the Marshall Islands, according to the MDA spokesperson.

Vandenberg officials said the missile launch is being tested from Vandenberg AFB partly because they have the infrastructure to handle a launch like this. 

Officials said they'll have more information on the launch date in 72 hours. 

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