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Surprising evidence in Day 2 of Orcutt baby murder case

New evidence in Day 2 of Orcutt baby...

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Last June, 18-month-old Delilah Cassio-Molina was taken to Marian Medical Center for head injuries.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff's deputies were called to the hospital when medical staff determined the toddler's injuries didn't match the mother's story.

Baby Deliah died two days later.

The mom's boyfriend, Sean Kothe is being charged for murder in connection with Deliah's death.

Today Sean Kothe appeared in a Santa Maria court room for the second day of his preliminary hearing.

KCOY 12 spoke with a close family friend of the baby's father. 

Jessica Contreras used to call baby Delilah, her little cookie monster.

"She was my cookie monster, Juan would bring her over and she would come in and she would know where my cookies were and point and she would get her cookies and be happy," family friend of Delilah's father, Jessica Contreras said. 

Contreras is a close family friend of Delilah's father Juan and his family.

"She was a good baby, very good baby, loving baby, didn't deserve this," Contreras said. 

Monday morning, a detective took the stand and revealed some important evidence.

In exchange for a lighter sentence, detectives had an informant there in jail record a conversation between him and Kothe where Kothe asked that informant to give Kothe's friend a lethal dose of heroin, also known as a "hotshot" because that friend was going to testify in this case.

Kothe agreed he would pay that informant $2,500 to have his friend killed by an overdose.

The detective said Kothe said he would feel no guilt down the road because that friend who was going to testify was no longer his "homeboy."

"If you didn't want to babysit her, didn't want to be around her, don't," Contreras said. 

Another detective said that one of Kothe's friends said that he'd been calling Delilah bad words and that he'd seen Kothe spin Delilah around until she was dizzy and sat down.

Kothe's defense countered saying they had testimony from a handful of people who know Kothe, who said Kothe is good with kids and that they would trust Kothe with their children.

"We all miss her, very much," Kothe said. 

Both the prosecution and Kothe's defense declined to talk on camera.

Delilah's mother made an appearance in the courtroom - she also didn't want to talk on camera but said quote "this is too much."

"Senseless.. and neglect comes to mind," Contreras said. "Asking for prayers and support for Delilah, let her rest in peace and let justice take its course," Contreras said.

Kothe will be arraigned August 2nd on the murder charge.   

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