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Santa Ynez Valley preps for freezing temps

Good for some, disastrous for others

Santa Ynez Valley preps for freezing temps

SANTA YNEZ, Calif. - As temperatures begin to drop across the state, residents in the Santa Ynez Valley are preparing for freezing conditions.

The warning is particularly ominous for the many farmers in the valley who have to worry about the health of their crops.

The Finley family have done all they can to protect their celery crops but they fear their tomatoes are likely doomed. 

It's a different story for the owners of Sunstone Winery. For vineyards and grape growers, frost is a welcome sight.

"It put all these plants to sleep," said Sunstone Winery estate manager John Krska. "They just kinda go 'night-night' and then they wake back up in March."

Both the vineyard and the Finley family say they plan on using the frost as an excuse to take a break from the farm.

Temperatures are expected to dip near or below freezing over the next few days in both the Santa Ynez and Cuyama valleys. 

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