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Santa Ynez Animal Rescue founder intends to sue accusers

Di Sieno found guilty on 3 misdemeanor counts

Santa Ynez Animal Rescue founder intends to sue accusers

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Julia Di Sieno, the founder of the Solvang Animal Rescue Team, has been sentenced to a two-year informal probation. Di Sieno says she will pursue a civil case against her neighbors who say she threatened, stalked, and assaulted them. 

Di Sieno's two years informal probation means she will not have a case manager assigned to her. The sentencing comes after Di Sieno was convicted of three misdemeanor charges involving firearms and disobeying a court order.

In May 2018, Di Sieno was found not guilty on seven misdemeanor charges of stalking, threatening and assaulting her neighbors.

Di Sieno operates the Animal Rescue Team from her home on Carriage Drive in the Santa Ynez Valley. The non-profit organization rescues and rehabilitates wild animals.

After her sentencing, Di Sieno said she plans to pursue civil action against her accusers.

"I think those that know me know this was a wrongful prosecution and a lot of slander and perjury and defamation," said Di Sieno. "Jay Bartesano was able to hack into our Facebook page and contact all our supporters, and we have all that evidence...and again people base their decisions on opinions and no longer on facts, and it's a sad part of our current society right now, fake news."

Di Sieno is also under court order not to possess any firearms during the length of her two-year probation including a tranquilizer gun she uses to rescue wild animals in distress.

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