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Santa Maria rancher takes on fire and comes out on top

County supervisor recognizes him for efforts

Santa Maria rancher takes fire into...

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Marvin Teixeira is a rancher, vineyard owner and winemaker. Now he's adding firefighter and animal rescuer to his resume.

Teixeira has been fostering animals from his friends' ranches after they were evacuated due to the Alamo Fire. Animals like camels, horses and an alpaca are now roaming at the vineyard.

"Right now we're sort of a rescue for Tempesque people that we know; they got evacuated and needed a place to put some animals so we're helping them out," Teixeira said.

But that's not why he was recognized on Tuesday.

A late night fire last week took out nearly two acres of his 1000 acre property.

Teixeira believes the two fires started from an over heating car passing by on Foxen Canyon Road.

Supervisor Peter Adam, a farmer himself, recognized Teixeira because they believe this fire could have potentially created a third large fire.

"If we hadn't of stopped it - it would've gone all the way over that mountain there because it's all tall grass that's three foot tall. When you're out here--you have to have your own equipment. We have a water truck, a bulldozer, backhoe - you have to have your own stuff to be ready to fight a fire," Teixeira explained.

Teixeira said he was surprised to be recognized by the supervisors. He believes it's all in a day's work.

"It's just part of the job--I mean every day is something different and that comes with the territory," he says. 

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