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Santa Maria police hold late night search for missing fire hydrant

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - The Santa Maria Police Department held a bizarre search late Saturday night following a hit and run call.

Police responded to the the 2300 block of South A Street for a report of a car that hit a fire hydrant and then fled the area.

Officers found water spewing from the ground with no suspect vehicle to be found.

Also missing was the fire hydrant that was hit.

Santa Maria Police Department chronicled the events on their Twitter page


Police said they were searching for a white Honda with "a fire hydrant on board."

Shortly after the initial tweet, police were able to locate the hydrant near Sonya Lane and Western Avenue. The vehicle was located nearby on Battles Road.

The driver of the vehicle was eventually apprehended by police. They say the driver was a juvenile male with a very unhappy family.



It is currently unclear if the driver was arrested or cited.


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