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Santa Maria Navy vet weighs in on North Korea threat

A Santa Maria Navy vets perspective...

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Today's back and forth between the US and North Korea has local veterans talking. Tensions have been rising with North Korea and they might've reached a new level today.

KCOY 12 spoke with a Navy veteran who says he's not buying this threat from North Korea.

"War is the enemy," Navy veteran John Verela said. 

Santa Maria native and Vietnam Navy veteran John Verela spent two and a half years overseas.

"We were allied with South Korea and our ship did go into ports of South Korea," Verela said. 

Some believe recent North Korea missile tests have shown that they have the capability of reaching the United States.

"I mean you really have to be out of your mind to go nuclear," Verela said. 

Verela suggests that we even sell North Korea rockets that could reach other parts of the world, so there's an even playing field.

"That way everybody has rockets.. because no ones ever going to do a nuclear thing, I don't think so," Verela said. 

Verela is still trying to figure out what Kim Jong Un is thinking.

"What does he expect, he can't wipe out the world, the world's going to wipe him out if he ever launches a rocket," Verela said.     

On Tuesday President Trump warned North Korea to stop making nuclear threats - Trump declaring that they would be met with "fire and fury like the world has never seen." 

"I like Trump, I really do, I supported him, I voted for him but I don't know about that, I'm questionable about whether he should've even said that.. it's like the big guy on the football team, he isn't going to say 'I'm bad'.. no he just does that job," Verela said. 

Verela thinks North Korea's threat Tuesday against Guam is a bluff.

"I know Guam, I've been there, yea we have a big base there.. but threat, I dunno threat? Are they going to do it," Verela said. 

A California congressman also chimed in Tuesday - he says if North Korea did fire a missile towards the West Coast, we're ready.

"We do have in place, in the United States, in Alaska and here in California a missile defense system that is capable of handling those 1,2,3,4 ICBM's that North Korea may have," California congressman John Garamendi said. 

Verela says he doesn't want to see another war and thinks diplomacy would be best but he's not sure if North Korea wants to listen. 

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