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Santa Maria church holds public prayer vigil for Las Vegas

Santa Maria church holds public prayer vigil for Las Vegas

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Life Way Fellowship church in Santa Maria encouraged people to come out Tuesday night and pray with them for the victims of the Las Vegas attack.

The vigil was open to the public. It's being called "Prayer for Las Vegas."

The doors opened at 6 p.m. and the service started at 6:30 p.m. The church is located at 2627 Skyway Drive in Santa Maria.

The church posted on their website saying:

"Join Life Way Fellowship tonight as we gather to pray for the city of Las Vegas and the victims of this horrific attack. Whether you know someone who was involved or you are overwhelmed by the tragedy itself, tonight can be a chance to start healing and refocus."

"You hear about shootings in other places but this one got me in the know it's home," Bethany Fergason said, who attended the vigil. 

Bethany Fergason and her family just moved from Las Vegas in June.

"Grief.. it's very sad," Furgason said.  

None of her friends and family who were at the concert were hurt - but they've been telling her their horror stories.

"One girl who was standing next to someone who was shot..and then of course people talking about stepping over bodies," Furgason said. 

She's also heard stories of heroism.

"First responders going in explaining it like a war zone..these cops, buddies who were off duty, getting in uniform and going down there," Furgason said. 

Furgason says it was important for people to get together Tuesday night to pray.

"Our world needs God..we need to understand that there is hope," Furgason said. 

"It's hard to hear these kinds of things," Life Way Fellowship Church pastor Daniel Cassels said. 

Life Way Fellowship Church pastor Daniel Cassels is also from Las Vegas. 

"Anytime there's a tragedy, there's an opportunity.. and that opportunity gives us a chance to show the best of mankind, for the community to rise up and show love of God," Cassels said. 

Furgason shared some thoughts about the shooter.

"I just wish he would have known the love of Jesus Christ..because we wouldn't even be having this conversation right now," Furgason said. 

If you need somewhere to grieve, Furgason is saving a seat for you. 

"If anyone in town needs a place to talk..this is an amazing place," Furgason said. "If everyone knew Christ and gave their lives to him, stuff like this wouldn't happen."

The church is collecting donations to help the victims of the shooting if you'd like to help out. The church is located at 2627 Skyway Drive in Santa Maria.

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