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Santa Maria area high school students team up to raise money for Hurricane Harvey victims

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - "We saw what was going on with Hurricane Harvey and we thought it would be amazing for us to come together,” said Jennifer Hernandez-Mora, a senior at Santa Maria High School. 

Three area high schools may be crosstown rivals but, they came together to raise money for a good cause. 

"It’s not always just about your community but, people around the world,” said Hernandez-Mora. 

When students from Pioneer Valley, Santa Maria and Righetti High School saw the images coming out of Texas, they wanted to do something to give back to people affected by Hurricane Harvey.

"We wanted to see people do things without something given back to them,” said Clarielisa Cacho-Ocampo, a senior at Pioneer Valley High School. 

The three schools decided they were up for some friendly competition.

They collected money at school events and in their classrooms to give back to “All Hands Volunteer”. 

It's a disaster relief organization working with people in Texas.

"It’s positive for us to come together as a school,” said Aaron Lee, a senior at Righetti High School. 

The students say they came together through fundraising efforts, connecting with their peers and students at other schools.

"We were competing against each other but, also working together for a better cause,” said Cacho-Ocampo. 

Students at Pioneer Valley High School say they wanted to get creative, cooking up something special for their teachers to do. 

"There is this new craze with the spicey noodle challenge,” said Cacho-Ocampo. 

Each nominated teacher received a jar. The one with the most money in it had to eat the noodles.

"We raised in total $267,” she said. 

"At Santa Maria High School we raised a little over $1300," said Hernandez-Mora. 

Righetti High School students raised over $300. 

"Overall I am proud of what our school has done,” said Cacho-Ocampo. 

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