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Protesters take stand against pet stores in Santa Maria

Claim pet store pups come from backyard breeders

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - A local animal rights group targeted a pet store in Santa Maria to spread their message, hoping to ban the sale of puppies at pet stores. 

Several members of No More Pet Store Puppies 805 peacefully protested the Animal Kingdom pet store in the Santa Maria Town Center Mall, passing out fliers on information related to animal store policies and where they get their puppies from. 

Christine Collier founded the group last year.

"They are just not meant to live this way," Collier said  "There is very little regulation on these breeders, and the animals more often than not come with health problems and are housed in terrible conditions."

This includes being kept in small cages for days at a time, being given little veterinary treatment and food. 

"We just want people to know where these animals come from," said member Genete Bowen. "Many of the dogs that end up in pet stores come from suspicious pasts, and we hope to join the 32 other cities across California that have banned the sale of puppies at pet stores."

The closest city to Santa Maria to do so is Ventura. 

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