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Phone dies while Orcutt woman tries to reach sister in Vegas shooting

Family doesn't confirm she's okay until 5 p.m.

Phone dies while Orcutt woman tries...

ORCUTT, Calif. - A terrifying night for one Orcutt family - imagine you're on the phone with someone last night during that Las Vegas shooting and their phone dies.

"She was just telling my mom I love you very much, there's a shooter, I don't know what's going to happen..but I just want to tell you that I love you very much.. and then her phone went dead," Orcutt resident Debbie Foster said.

Debbie Foster and her husband Larry were up all night wondering if Debbie's sister was ok.

"It was my sister and brother-in-law who were there," Foster said.  

Foster's sister and brother-in-law ran for cover as bullets rained down from a Las Vegas hotel room Sunday.

"My mom had received a phone call from her," Foster said. 

That phone call was around 10:40 Sunday night, but Foster's sister's phone died. Foster's mind raced, until her sister's husband called, about 45 minutes later.

"And he said that Darlene is consoling a woman who is all bloody and then Dave started yelling and his phone went dead," Foster said. 

Waiting on pins and needles, three more agonizing hours went by until Foster's sister texted the family from a random person's phone.

"Five (a.m.) is when we really found out.. when they were back at the Luxor in their room," Foster said. "She's still shaking and jumping from sounds." 

"We were freaking out.. it was crazy, you just don't hear about those things," Debbie's husband, Larry Foster said. 

Foster says she can't believe how many people this tragedy has affected.

"Yea my aunt and uncle, they know two people who have passed..and my daughter, (knows) a cheerleader who she went to school with in Riverside has passed," Foster said.  

Foster told us that her sister said that during the shooting, everyone kept yelling "go east, go east." 

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