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Ontiveros Elementary School hosts school beautification project

Renovations provided by Give and Grow grant

Ontiveros Elementary School hosts...

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Raking in a new look, Ontiveros Elementary School became a lot more colorful on Thursday as volunteers helped transform the school.

"Knowing that they're going to get to come here every single day and get to enjoy their school being beautified.. it's just a really rewarding experience," says volunteer Nathan Kwok who has volunteered with Give and Grow for eight years. 

Volunteers spent the day decorating fences, walls and playgrounds.. even building a new outdoor classroom.

All of these renovations were made possible after the school won a "Give and Grow" grant from Zodiac Aerospace.

"We believe that a child with an education is a child with a future so this gives the opportunity for our employees to come out and make a difference in the community," explains Stephanie Faulk, Director of Give and Grow. 

Ontiveros staff hope the upgraded campus will give their students more pride. 

"Part of the project is to enhance the school to give help the kids become more interested in their education - really take ownership of where they go to school," says Assistant Principal, Jeremy Hawke. 

So far students are really enjoying the new additions. Sixth grader Maria Ramos tells us: "I think this is really nice, it's really beautiful; it makes me more excited about coming to school."

"It's amazing how all these people could come and make these beautiful murals and benches and just things that make our school better and prettier," says sixth grader Alexandra Martinaz. 

About $50,000 worth of renovations were put into the school but volunteers hope that students take away a bigger message. "It's great for these students to see there are adults in their community that want to give back, that want to do something good and it leaves a really positive impact on what it means to be a part of the community," Faulk says. 

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