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Lompoc woman and family dash to safety to escape bullets at Vegas concert

Lompoc woman survives Vegas shooting...

LOMPOC, Calif. - Mary Lou Martinez said Sunday night’s concert in Las Vegas was packed. It was supposed to be a fun time listening to the kind of music they all loved.

"We had a wonderful Friday, a wonderful Saturday and had a wonderful Sunday up until the very end,” said Martinez. 

Then she heard gunshots. 

"My son and his friend served in the Marine Corps so they tuned into the sound and said those aren’t fireworks someone is shooting,” she added. 

During the last act of the Route 91 Music Festival in Las Vegas Stephen Paddock aimed at the crowd.

Gunshots came pouring down from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel.

"It seemed like forever, that you could hear the bullets" Martinez described. 

She said she didn’t know where they [the bullets] were coming from thinking the shooter was in the crowd and headed their way.

"They said we have to get out of here,” Martinez said. Her son, his wife and their friends made a run for it.

The food booths in the back fenced off any exit they could find.

"So my daughter-in-law and other people broke down a little wood fence,” she said. 

Everyone was panicking and knew they had to find a way out or risk getting shot. The next hurdle was a 10-foot fence Martinez had to climb over.

"There were people just helping to get us all of out the line of fire,” she said. 

People including her son and his friend as strangers helped strangers to get to safety.

"You start to think oh my God are we going to get out of here,” said Martinez. 

She feels grateful to be back in her Lompoc home and is thankful she’ll get to hug her sons and her grandchildren very soon.

"I kept thinking in my mind, am I ever going to see these people again,” she said. 

Martinez says she along with many others, escaped and found shelter in a nearby hotel. That's where they stood until 4:30 a.m. until they were allowed back into their rooms.

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