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Lompoc resident injured in overnight mobile home fire

Lompoc resident injured in overnight...

LOMPOC, Calif. - UPDATE: Diane Donohoe has been having problems with her stove, but she never expected this to happen.

"The gas company came out, I had them look at the stove. [Then], last night, I was cooking and trying to boil some potatoes and it blew up," she says. 

The Lompoc Fire Department responded to the call around 1:47  Saturday morning. Donohoe was taken to the hospital for injuries she sustained in the blast.

"(pointing to scratch on her face) This is from the fire - I was burned. I don't know what's gonna happen, I'm gonna have to see a skin doctor," Donohoe says. 

Donohoe was just in the hospital one week prior, getting parts of her intestines removed.

Now she's out of the hospital again but says she's too weak to clean up her home and do some of the repairs on her appliances that were needed before the accident happened. 

She was hoping that the hospital would send a care giver, but she says no one ever showed up, telling us: "I called and I called and I called but nobody has come to help.. the system is not working."

If you'd like to help her out, she says to call her at 805-735-5500. ___________________________________________________________________________________


ORIGINAL STORY: A Lompoc resident is recovering after suffering minor injuries in an early morning fire in the 600 block of East Pine Street.

Lompoc firefighters were dispatched to the mobile home at 1:47 p.m. and saw smoke coming out from the home. The resident, whose identity was not released, was home at the time of the fire. Fortunately, authorities were able to get that person out to safety.

The fire was contained to a stove and the home received minor smoke damage, according to the Lompoc Fire Department.

The resident was taken to the emergency room to be treated for minor injuries and smoke inhalation. No further details were immediately known.

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