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Lompoc ready for flood emergencies

Training held at fire department

Lompoc ready for flood emergencies

LOMPOC, Calif. - We've seen the devastation that flooding can cause - most recently in Houston and Puerto Rico - and one Central Coast town, that's prone to flooding, is trying to get out in front of this issue.

It's here on H street in Lompoc that gets hit pretty hard when it rains and it's easy to forget about all that flooding because it's been a while - but the city hasn't forgotten, they held a meeting to make sure people are ready for this season. 

"I get out of the car and the water is up to my knees," Lompoc flood victim Linda Jackson said. 

That was back in 86 at Linda Jackson's first home in Lompoc.

"Good thing I lived on the second floor at that time," Jackson said.  

However, flooding still happens here at her current Lompoc house. 

"Well right in front of my house is a brick area and when it rains a lot this place gets quite a few inches of water," Jackson said. 

It's because she's concerned those few inches of water could eventually get worse that she sat in on Flood Emergency Response Training Wednesday night at the Lompoc Fire Department. 

"I learned that if there's a tsunami, it's not going to effect us, it won't get into town at all.. and if dams break down we have several hours of warning to evacuate," Jackson said. 

Jackson also learned to avoid bridges. 

"That leaves one way out of town and that's 246," Jackson said.  

"Get a go-bag, be ready to evacuate," flood emergency trainer Dave Mathe said.  

Dave Mathe conducted the flood training.

"Rule of thumb would be to leave early before those situations happen," Mathe said. 

Mathe says if you don't evacuate on time, you might want to consider waiting on your roof. 

"Get to the highest spot.. hopefully the emergency folks will be able to come help you out," Mathe said. "First thing you don't want to do is walk through water, it's polluted.. you don't want to drive through moving water." 

"Glad to find out those facts and know there's an extensive plan in place," Jackson said.    

There's about 4,000 communities that are at risk for flooding in the United States and Lompoc is considered one of them.

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