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Lompoc man Zacharey Wilks still missing without a trace

Wilks still missing

LOMPOC, Calif. - 27-year-old Zacharey Wilks left his home in Lompoc on a trip to visit family in Nevada in May and has not been seen since. 

Friends and family have searched every mile of the route Wilks would have taken to get to family in Nevada, even hiring a company to fly a drone over the route to search for his 1994 black Honda Civic. 

"We just can't believe he would disappear without a trace, without anyone knowing anything," says Elizabeth Wilks, Zacharey's mother. "We are doing all we can and holding out hope someone knows something."

The Facebook group dedicated to finding Zacharey has nearly 1,000 members. 

"How does somebody just disappear, I mean just disappear?" said Elizabeth Wilks. 

He left his home on Prune Avenue the night of the 24th, heading to his uncle's home in Las Vegas. 

"We have driven hundreds and hundreds of miles, looking down any road that Zacharey could have taken," said David Wilks, Zacharey's father. "We've notified all the sheriffs, local law enforcement officials, California Highway Patrol, Nevada Highway Patrol."

The family hired a drone pilot to fly along the entire route to get a bird's eye view of any canyons or cliffs where the car might have crashed. The search found nothing. 

He has not accessed his bank account or credit cards and his phone is turned off. The voicemail is full. 

Police say they last received a signal from his cell phone near New Cuyama the night he disappeared. 

"People are very concerned and want to know," said Elizabeth Wilks.

A GoFundMe page has raised nearly $10,000 to help find him. 

Family and friends say the disappearance is out of character for the happy and positive 27-year-old. 

"There has literally been nothing ,nothing," says Wilks. "How do you disappear like that? I know somebody must have seen him."

His parents have put up fliers all over Southern California. 

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