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Large tree limb collapses onto Lompoc street

Officials had plan in place to trim limb

LOMPOC, Calif. - A large tree limb broke off and fell into a street in Lompoc early Sunday morning.

The tree limb broke off on H Street at around 4 a.m. and blocked the entire roadway.

H Street has dozens of similarly large trees along the sidewalk and others have fallen in the past.

Lompoc Urban Forestry Supervisor Codie Blea said the tree is over 90 years old and the city had a plan in place to trim the overgrown limb.

A community workshop designates which trees require trimming and this particular tree was one of seven that the city planned to work on in the near future. Trees in Lompoc are typically trimmed every three to five years, Blea said.

Crews worked to chop the tree limb into manageable pieces so it could be disposed of properly.

No one was injured by the falling tree and no vehicles were damaged.

Blea said the cause of the collapse is codominant leaders, meaning more than one large stem grew from the base of the tree. Oftentimes the stems grow too large for the main trunk to support, leading to one of the stems collapsing.

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