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Friend remembers Santa Maria homicide victim as a loving mother

Suspect remains at large along with couple's child

Friend remembers Santa Maria homicide...

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - A community is in mourning after a woman is shot and killed Monday night in Santa Maria.

Friends of Natalia Morozova said they are heartbroken and are left with more questions than answers. Her friend, Irina Malkmus, remembers Morozova as a good person and mother. 

"I still cannot accept it in my mind,” she said. Malkmus said her ex-husband Konstantin Morozov is the one who allegedly shot and killed her. 

"He told her that he will kill her if she will not let the situation go on like he wants,” she said. 

Malkmus said Morozova kept the details of her relationship private. However, she shared with her friend the constant threats she received from her ex-husband.

"She was happy she had found a job and he could not accept it,” said Malkmus. 

Santa Maria Police are calling Morozov a person of interest. Malkmus said the 9-year-old boy he took off with is the former couple's son, Daniel Morozov.

"We want Daniel to be safe and be here and hope Konstantin answers for what he’s done,” she said. 

Santa Maria Police sent out an amber alert for the little boy early Tuesday morning. Police continue to search for the father and son.

"Stop and open to police and not do anything worse,” Malkmus said. She noted that Morozova’s life revolved around her son. She said Morozova did everything she could to give him a good childhood.

"She loved him even a little bit too much because she would let him eat lots of sweets," she said remembering those fond moments. 

She added that as the community mourns the death of her friend they will always remember the kind of person she was.

"Big heart, kind, always smiling,” Malkmus said. A prayer service was held at The Orthodox Church of Annunciation in Santa Maria for Morozova. 

Anyone with information about where her son and his father are, are asked to call the Santa Maria Police Department.

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