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Family claims accident at Orcutt groomer left their dog dead

Family claims alleged accident leads...

ORCUTT, Calif. - It's a family's worst nightmare. 

"I feel my dog was not properly cared for, I feel my dog was neglected and I feel this was totally preventable," said the dog's owner Jeremy Miller. 

Miller says he took his dogs Bella and Crispy to Dog-Gone Gorgeous in Orcutt.

They were scheduled for a grooming appointment. 

He says about an hour later, he got a call that an accident had happened. 

"They [groomers] were taking the dogs a bath had them on leads in the tub, and she [groomer] had to do something and when she returned they were intertwined and it restricted the airflow to Crispy," said Miller. 

He claims that's what the owners told him when his wife called to find out what happened. 

"Our Yorkie was unresponsive and they were trying to do CPR on Crispy," he said. 

He says he then rushed to the groomers to get Crispy to the veterinarian to see if anything could have helped. 

Pictures sent to KCOY show Crispy and their young daughter together. 

Miller says telling his daughter that Crispy wasn't coming back home is the hardest part about all of this. 

"It's a trying time, Tuesday was the hardest for me and my wife as parents," he says. 

KCOY went to Dog-Gone Gorgeous in Orcutt but no one was there. Signs on their door say they are closed for renovations. We also left business cards with neighboring businesses to try and reach the owners. 

In addition, we tried calling the number on the door but no one answered.

"We never had a problem. Our dogs have always come back and been fine," said Miller.

Miller says he's taken his dogs to these groomers for quite some time and always felt safe doing so. 

"If I could do anything to bring the dog back I would," Miller said. 

KCOY 12 confirmed with the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department that the family did file a report about what happened. 

We also checked in with Animal Services who say they are currently investigation the matter. 

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