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Divorce attorneys for parents in Santa Maria homicide speak out

Future of 9-year-old uncertain

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SANTA MARIA, Calif. - KCOY 12 spoke exclusively with Konstantine Morozov and Natalia Morozova's attorneys on Wednesday about that tragedy that unfolded over a two-day period on August 21, 2017.

Both of their attorneys are just as shocked as everyone.

The Morozov's ugly divorce had wrapped up a few months ago. The two main issues were custody and money.

"The level of shock is hard to even put into words," Morozova's attorney Jude Egan said. 

These two attorneys spent the past year and half battling it out in divorce court, but on Wednesday evening, it was all about 9-year-old Daniel Morozov.

"Even though in court we're on different sides of an issue, we're not on opposite sides of what we're here to do and that's to help people...We both think the most important thing is what's next for Daniel," Morozov's attorney Tammy Faulks said. 

Tammy Faulks represented Konstantine Morozov and Jude Egan represented Natalia Morozova during a year and a half divorce that wrapped up in June.

"This is a tragedy no matter what police investigators decide," Egan said. 

"If my client is responsible, it would break my heart," Faulks said. 

Their attorneys admit, things at times were testy during the divorce process with Morozova even filing a temporary restraining order against Morozov at one point.

"We're constantly working to keep the heat down so we can help people get through a tough time," Egan said. 

They did agree on joint custody and an agreement that Morozov would pay Morozova $100,000 now and another $100,000 over the next 10 years, as long as Morozova released her part ownership of their house in Orcutt.

"And they each wanted the other to go first," Faulks said. 

Morozov, Morozava and the two attorneys were supposed to meet Wednesday morning to make the exchange.

"From her perspective, the biggest issue was just having a peaceful and smooth transition into co-parenting the child," Egan said. 

"For Konstantine, the most important thing was sharing custody," Faulks said. 

At one point there was also question about whether their divorce proceeding really should've been an annulment because there was speculation that Morozova was still married to another man in Russia, but they decided to carry the case out as a divorce because she could've faced deportation which would've made it difficult for both parents to be in the picture. 

From here, Child Welfare Services will decide who the appropriate person is to raise Daniel.

"In the meantime they'll make sure he gets therapy and the care that he needs which is the most important thing to both of us is that Daniel comes out of this okay," Faulks said. 

"I do want to say that during the time that they were searching for Daniel, I was really proud of our community, they all chipped in," Egan said.  

Daniel could end up with his parent's inheritance which would help him get through childhood. 

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