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Arellanes Junior High students do their part to help people impacted by Harvey

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Students in Santa Maria are doing their part in helping those in Texas.  

The Builder's Club at Arellanes Junior High sold water at lunch time to help raise money for people affected by the hurricane. The money will go directly to the Red Cross.

"It's pretty devastating for them and if something happened to us we would want help. So we are putting an orange box in each classroom so students can drop their change," said 8th grader, Javier Pinon. 

The club also helped to organize a coin drive. Students in each classroom are collecting what they can and bringing it in. 

"We just heard about the devastating news about Hurricane Harvey and we wanted to help," said Nashali Vicente, another student. 

The junior high students said they are looking to sell more items next week. The fundraiser goes on until September 13th. 

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