Santa Maria native explains what it's like to live through Hurricane Harvey

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Chaos and turmoil continue in southeast Texas. Flooding has turned highways into rivers causing people in surrounding cities to stay stuck in their homes.

In Beaumont people are left without water until repairs are made. The city's pump station is underwater after Hurricane Harvey came roaring through. 

"This is the most traumatic life changing event of my lifetime,” said Krista Chandler. 

Chandler is a Santa Maria native. She now lives in Beaumont. She said she never imagined the impact the flood waters would have on her city.

"I know people who don’t have homes, no where to call home,” she said. Chandler said in many places there is no way out.

"Where Vidor and Beaumont connect the highway there is an ocean it has waves,” she said.

It's left crews no choice but, to rescue people by helicopter and boat. "My birth mother was just rescued hours ago by boat,” said Chandler.

She is diabetic. The storm created a life-threatening challenge for her. "I couldn’t leave to get strips and when I tried there was 2 hour lines," she said. 

Many people can’t contact their families.

Chandler said at first she had no way of reaching her sister who lives about 15 minutes away.

However, she's now breathing a sigh of relief after hearing she’s okay.

"Knowing she had no way to contact me or my family was kind of scary,” she said. 

She said friends who had to leave their homes are shuffling from house to house. While others got stuck in their cars overnight.

When I am able to reunite with my sister and birth mother that’s the bucket list item I am checking off,” she said. 

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